The Indian Traffic Experience

Beeep beep beeeeeeeeep beep beep BEEEEEEEP!!

The sound of horns a tootin’ ring out 24/7 across Ahmedabad, and casual chaos rules the streets.  Rickshaws weave like roller coasters through traffic avoiding dozens of seemingly unavoidable collisions. Buses move relentlessly forward, motorbikes appear from everywhere to join the madding crowds and pedestrians play hopper.  Cows stroll oblivious to the honking, cyclists meander like there’s no one on the roads- and somehow it all works.

These men were all staring at us until I pulled out the camera- and then they got a sudden case of the shys

Bike spares hang from trees along the streets.

Pedestrian Life (take it in your hands!)

Crossing the street is an art not yet mastered by fearful western types, while old men and ladies with babes in arms stroll casually through the mayhem.

Walk where you like, ride where you like

Rickshaws, fo sure

The only way to travel in the city.  Buckle up and hang on for the ride.  No, wait, hang on, there are no seat belts (you crazy kids you).

Experience a rickshaw ride with a birds eye view in India Rickshaw, coming to a theatre near your computer real soon ….like…..NOW (go on, press play!!)



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  1. alwyncam says:

    It’s not the farting you have to worry about it’s the follow through. When I was first in Bangkok I thought it was fun the last time I was just scared s…less!


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