The Boy on the Street

The boy on the street

I stood on the street corner yesterday and took photos- mostly of the traffic (which you may have gathered is fascinating me!)  During this time many children approached me- not for money, but to ask if I would take their photos.  Most were young- under ten or so and had no inhibitions with the smallest amount of encouragement.

This slightly older boy was hanging out near where I was standing and he walked past me several times.   Whenever I took a moment to look around,  I’d also see him peering at me from round the corner, trying to look casual.

I’ve always loved taking pictures of people’s faces- but I’ve held back with strangers because it feels a bit intrusive or rude.  But glory hallelujah,  not in India!  Here, everyone stares and a blonde friend told me dozens of people want selfies with her.  Accordingly, I’m going to lose my inhibitions and shoot.

Eventually, I motioned to the boy, communicating “Would he like me to take a photo?”  He flashed a quick smile, nodded, and put his ear-buds back in, and posed.

There’s a warmth, openness and curiosity Indian people have that I am finding delightful and very endearing.

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