Indian Wedding- Day one!

As y’all know, the reason I am in India is to attend my dear friend Palak’s wedding to Kieran, a very nice boy (even if, you know, he’s a southerner!!)

Indian weddings are very much nothing like Australian ones: size, scale and glamour outranks Aussies many times over.  Palak and Kieran’s wedding went for three days- the first day is Sangeet.  It says so on the top of the wedding invite for that day, but not knowing what Sangeet was, I assumed it was an Indian man’s name, and that Palak had given me the wrong invite.  Because I am so polite, I decided not to say anything, and then got to laugh at myself later.

Sangeet is a celebration of music, dance and food (sooo much food!) and is a big party thrown before the wedding.  It was set in a beautiful garden, together with a red carpet entrance, stage, floodlights, a band, EmCees (plural) singers, photographer and videographer and flowers galore and just a few hundred close and distant relatives and friends, and a couple of blow ins, like me.  It was amazing, and I commented to Palak that I couldn’t imagine how they were going to step it up from here.  She smiled at me confidently and assured me I would see.

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I was lucky enough to spend the day with Palak as she got her henna done (more on that later) and also went to the beauty parlour with her and her lovely mum.  The girls there helped us dress, I felt so movie star!

Palak looked simply amazing (she always does, but this was something else!) and I didnt scrub up too bad either.  In fact, I felt like I had never been more blingy in my life, so when one of Palak’s guests commented that I was very simply, but elegantly dressed, I had to laugh.  Florals are all the rage this Indian wedding season, but as a typical trendleader, I was the only one florally adorned.

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What was also highly amusing, was Palak’s nieces asking me whether I was a Christian- on the basis of the way I was dressed so demurely!  Fab!

The dancing was amazing (see attached video) these girls can really move. I struggled somewhat, as aside from Gordon Girls daggy dancing, at which I excel, I havent yet even mastered the Macarena.  Eventually, with a little help from just about everyone, I abandoned myself to the music and swirled and twirled in my lovely swishy dress.

There was very little in the way of ceremony, a pretty relaxed, happy and glittery affair!  Everyone was so lovely, and I met many aunties, uncles nieces and cousins, all of whom were concerned that I was enjoying myself, dancing and having enough food.  It was very sweet, and Palak assured me that it was important to the family that an outsider was having a good time.  I most certainly did… stay tuned for day 2!

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