For the love of luggage…

Compressed nice and flat

My travels to India have certainly presented a packing challenge.  On the one hand, I am attending a wedding, and it being a three day affair, the bride suggested of course I would need three outfits.  On the other hand, I am going to be properly trekking though India, getting on and off trains, rickshaws and camels, and thus require luggage that is light and manoeuvrable.

And yet, on another hand (if one was indeed blessed with a third) every travel guide on the planet lists pages of things you MUST have while traveling in India: first-aid and anti-poopie kits, water purifications tablets (thanks Martin!) and anti-bacterial handwipes and gel, rain gear, sun gear thermals and on and on.  Add to these all the electrics we travel with these days, my DSLR camera, and (at Palak’s strong suggestion) my own loo paper and that is a lot of stuff.  I guess I will take clothes as well.

Anyhoo, as my beleaguered family, (or any unfortunate sales assistant who met me will attest to), when it comes to luggage, I’m a little fussy.  A lot fussy.  Okay insufferably FUSSY!

What can I say?  I’ve been around the traps.  I wanted the bag of my dreams.  And I got it.  Three months, two states and every online luggage shop in the country, and I found what my grandfather is calling a  is substitute for his great-grandchildren,  my Osprey sojourn.

It has everything- sturdy wheels, a high-tech backpack harness, a big open space in the middle, supported by some sweet mesh side pockets, and a 25 year warranty and at 80 litres  weighs just 3.65kilos!IMG-20151115-WA0003

The coolest thing is despite it’s capacity, it is smaller-on-the-outside* and squishes down better than several 70 litre bags I saw.  The sides are padded for protection of your gear, but the way they cross over enables you to flatten the bag considerably.

While I have only worn Sebastian (Sojorn) as a backpack around my bedroom thus far- it’s has been good.  I will update after actual use!

Sebastian “Osprey” Sojourn

I am also taking my 20litre expandable Tatonka backpack.  While looking a tad grubby, this bag has been around for nearly five years-we know each other well.  She is super comfy to wear (said the bag) and although there are a few things I would change on it, the design is sturdy for constant use, and safer than bags made of more flimsy material.

20151205_154516(1)And finally, given I am going to India, at the last minute (read: one day before departure), I also invested in a Pacsafe handbag.  They are anti-theft, having exomesh through the strap and fabric, RFID safe and super light.  It has pockets that fit my passport and phone perfectly, and it also fits my wallet (also bought specifically for the trip as you need to carry lots of cash in India) and my DSLR camera and extra lens.


*TARDIS like, one might say



I’m keen to hear about your love of luggage- feel free to share!!






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