India travel frustrations- part one

Checking out the city sights…how hards can it be?

Indian Wedding Experience- The Main Event

To my delight and relief, I was able to check in to my new hotel at 11am on the morning of the wedding.  They greeted me with a “Hello Ms Tina” as I walked in, so that was a much more promising start than the infamous Hotel Chicago. I checked in quickly, and rushed back out…

Indian Wedding- Day one!

As y’all know, the reason I am in India is to attend my dear friend Palak’s wedding to Kieran, a very nice boy (even if, you know, he’s a southerner!!) Indian weddings are very much nothing like Australian ones: size, scale and glamour outranks Aussies many times over.  Palak and Kieran’s wedding went for three days-…

The Boy on the Street

I stood on the street corner yesterday and took photos- mostly of the traffic (which you may have gathered is fascinating me!)  During this time many children approached me- not for money, but to ask if I would take their photos.  Most were young- under ten or so and had no inhibitions with the smallest amount of encouragement….


How is it that you can plan something for 4 months, but find yourself so frantic in the last few weeks and days before departure, that you cant comprehend that very shortly, you’ll be on a plane and in a whole and other country? Well that was me.  Somewhere along the way I’d lost sight of…