Indian Wedding Experience- The Main Event

To my delight and relief, I was able to check in to my new hotel at 11am on the morning of the wedding.  They greeted me with a “Hello Ms Tina” as I walked in, so that was a much more promising start than the infamous Hotel Chicago. I checked in quickly, and rushed back out…

The Indian Wedding Experience- Day two!

Day two of the indian wedding was a religious ceremony for the bride’s family (and her close and most faaaabulous friends).  Three main things happened today- two fairly typical pre-wedding events, and the other a coming of age ceremony for Palak’s brother. I arrived to find a large marquee across the front lawn of Palak’s late…

Indian Wedding- Day one!

As y’all know, the reason I am in India is to attend my dear friend Palak’s wedding to Kieran, a very nice boy (even if, you know, he’s a southerner!!) Indian weddings are very much nothing like Australian ones: size, scale and glamour outranks Aussies many times over.  Palak and Kieran’s wedding went for three days-…

The Boy on the Street

I stood on the street corner yesterday and took photos- mostly of the traffic (which you may have gathered is fascinating me!)  During this time many children approached me- not for money, but to ask if I would take their photos.  Most were young- under ten or so and had no inhibitions with the smallest amount of encouragement….

Deciding to go to India

Some people plan their travels in advance, but when the opportunity arose, I thought “Heck. Why not?”